Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Easter Trip: Prague, Czech Republic

7th stop: Praha, capital and largest city of Czech Republic

Day 1 (29/3)

in the train to Prague.
The best thing about taking trains is that I get to see so many beautiful landscapes. The other districts of Prague (from inside the train) looked rather rundown and was nothing like what I had imagined. However, my impression of Prague took a complete change when I stepped foot into district 1. I was in love! At that moment, I knew this would top my list of favourite cities in Europe.

My kind of streets.
Aren't they gorgeous? From its well-preserved shophouses clustered all over cobbled pedestrian streets to its charming buildings, Prague got my heart.

Lunch was at U Tri ruzi, which was recommended by a local.

Fallow deer meat with czech potato dumpling.
The deer meat was so gamey that I could only stomach a bite. It was nothing like the veal meat that I had tried from zi char stall and also nowhere similar to reindeer's meat.

Spare pork ribs.
Traditional czech cuisine has rather heavy flavours and meals are big and hearty.

Old Town area
Easter market happening at the town square

It was lovely (and fattening) to experience Easter in Europe.

Prague Astronomical Clock

crossing the bridge to see Prague's Castle
Water was not clean and swans were busy cleaning themselves.

Interesting David Cerny sculpture titled "Piss". This sculpture depicts 2 mechanical men peeing.

John Lennon pub

These love locks are a common sight in Europe.

John Lennon wall
We left our mark there but it is most likely concealed by coats of spray, paint, and ink by now.

Isn't it surprising how so much scribbling, graffiti, and random drawings make such a beautiful creation?

Prague castle

One of the loveliest castles I had ever seen. This structure is so massive and stunning.

Getting my fix of hot chocolate on a really cold day.

Beautiful view of Prague at the castle district.

St. George's Basilica - It is not a common sight to see a church with a red Baroque facade.

Sugary hollow bread - a delicious street snack. They were made freshly on the spot.
We were ridiculously charged €13 for this serving of potato with cabbage and bacon (barely any meat..). Guess we only had ourselves to blame because we did not see that it was charged by weight and the dudes did not bother asking and they just freely piled the stuff generously onto the serving bowl.

Another street food that we had: Grilled cheese with strawberry jam

I had cheesecake flavoured ice-cream instead of my favourite chocolate flavour as I did not want to kill my throat.. which I did. I'll just stick to chocolate in the future.

Prague's town hall at night.

Day 2 (30/3)

On the way to brunch and passing by one of Prague's beautiful streets.

We had czech pancakes at Slavia Kavarna. Food was good but service was terrible. We were also delighted to find a "Black Tea with Gold Mead Honey and Lemon" because we were having a sore throat. Ignorant us did not realize that gold mead honey is an alcoholic beverage. Luckily they were served separately..

Sweet palacinky - fresh strawberries, strawberry sorbet, and glorious whipped cream.

Savoury palacinky - melted cheese on top of shrooms, tomatoes, corns, and chicken.

The view near Kampa Park

Crawling babies at Kampa Park. They looked creepy to me though.

Charles Bridge

Church of Our Lady Victorious

We visited the Prague Castle again for better photos because it was raining the day before.

Breathtaking view of Prague.

Prague's Apple and Plum Cake for teabreak

Prague's small town: The Golden Lane.
We entered this area for free after 4pm and visited a tiny amour museum there too. Unfortunately, the area was crowded with people and I was not able to capture a good shot. Loved the romantic vibes there.

St. Vitus Cathedral - a Gothic masterpiece.

absolutely charming interior

with beautiful stained glasses

Just another of the charming streets in Prague that we chanced upon while heading to dinner at Lokal.

Prsa kurecí na houbách
Chicken breast fillets with mushroom seasoning and butter, with a side of beetroot. Other than the chicken being a tad salty, this was perfectly done. The chicken breast was moist, tender, and simply enjoyable.

Tatarák - Mixed beef tartare with fried bread.
When we ordered this dish, the waitress repeated our order thrice to confirm that we were having this dish. "It's raw beef, not cooked." hahaha.

Traditional Czech dessert - rakvička se šlehačkoi.
This dessert is a sweet hollow biscuit which resembles the shape of a coffin, and served with whipped cream. It was not overly sweet and biscuit was crumbly and went well with the whipped cream.

Of course, we had to go back to the Easter market to get more food for supper. We tried this salty puff-looking food and it tasted like dough + salt. It tasted cold and stale and the saltiness of it did not help to make the taste better. 

Prague still holds as one of my favourite cities thus far. It is such a charming and picturesque city. I'll be back to explore more of you, Czech Republic. 

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