Saturday, 2 May 2015

Easter Trip: Stockholm, Vaxholm (Sweden)

Our Easter trip commenced on a lovely start because we happened to witness a solar eclipse during our train ride to the airport.

Such a beautiful natural phenomenon.

After over 12 hours of traveling, we finally reached Stockholm late in the evening. It was snowing heavily when we arrived. Look at that tiny snowflake!! That was the best shot I could get.

Dinner was at Vigarda Burger which was highly raved on tripadvisor. A Stockholm expert also blogged about how the chicken burger was "to die for" but I didn't try it as it contained ginger (ew) curry :/ we both had their cheddar bacon (beef) burger and agreed unanimously that it was one of the best beef burgers we had tried. Although I am not a fan of beef (I might have unknowingly taken a liking to beef..), I really liked it. The beef is served medium rare by default and it was really tasty!

Day 2:

We joined a guided walking tour and learned so many interesting stuff about Stockholm and its history. One particular thing that intrigued me was that Greta Gabo, an actress, would have the privilege of being the face of their new 100 kroner note! 

The Stockholm syndrome had an interesting story behind it too. It came about when 2 robbers held 4 people hostages in a bank for a period of 6 days and the victims started developing a special friendship with their captors. At first, nooses were made for the hostages in order to threaten the police to accede to their demands so what happened after that was really surprising.

Gorgeous rainbow rays peeking out.. I couldn't remember them being visible to the naked eyes so when I saw my photos, I got a pleasant surprise!

Lovely park even though the trees were bare.

Statue of King Charles

No idea what's this but it should be an important building haha (maybe the palace??)

Change of guards at Stockholm Palace

Lunch was at Bakfican. We had planned to have Bakfican for dinner but because it was so windy (one of the coldest days in our trip!!!) and we were nearby, we decided to seek refuge in Bakfican. It was so cold that I wore my scarf and coat throughout the meal.

Best swedish meatballs I had ever tried in my entire life. The sauce tasted like heaven and the lingonberry preserve was such a wonderful combination to the juicy and tender meatballs. I'm missing them soooooo badly now :'(

Swedish sausage with beetroot and vegetables - It was too salty for my liking but at least I had a taste of it.

Happy girls with our yummy lunch

After lunch, we visited the Museum of Medieval Stockholm.
A museum is a must visit for me when I visit a new city because it is edutainment!

Interesting museum! A fun way of learning about Medieval Stockholm.

Gamla Stan: Stockholm's oldest area

Quaint little streets of Gamla Stan

Royal Palace

High ceilings are so charming.

Saint Nicholas Church

Short break at a cafe in Gamla Stan
Such a warm and pleasant feeling to drink hot chocolate on a cold day! That pretty looking pastry is a cinnamon bun and it is sold everywhere in Sweden and you can even find them in supermarkets.

Managed to catch the sunset too :)

It was really cold that day.. about 0 degrees celsius plus really strong wind and we were kinda underdressed.

View of Stockholm by the river

Stadshuset - city hall. Supposedly one of Stockholm's most prominent landmark.

Lovely pink hues of the sunset

Royal Dramatic Theatre
Loving the architecture of this building which I felt was befitting of its name. Isn't it gorgeous?

Got some sweets before dinner because they all looked so tempting. The descriptions were all in Swedish so the adventurous soul in me randomly scooped whatever that looked good. Unfortunately, most did not taste the way they looked :( Some tasted so nasty that I had to spit it out -_-

Dinner was supposed to be at a food hall but it was closed so early.

We found a cheap alternative at a random food court that we chanced upon. We saw a stall selling kebab pizza and decided to try it out because our tour guide was telling us earlier to forget about Swedish meatballs and herrings, and instead eat like a Swiss and try kebab on a pizza. It was enjoyable and very filling for 2 to share but I have no idea what meat it was (probably mutton?).

Day 3

Because most shops are closed on Sundays, this day was reserved to explore Vaxholm, the capital of Archipelago. The Archipelago consists of an impressive number of 30,000 islands and it is just a ferry ride away from Stockholm.

I had to take this on our way to the bus station because the bare trees looked so neat and cool!

On the bus to Vaxholm

Got influenced by Shermine the selfie queen. She was taking so many selfies that I decided I had to fit in hahaha. The number of welfies we took are definitely more than my selfies hahahaha.

Vaxholm has very laid-back vibes and there isn't anything much to explore. We had lunch at Café Silltruten, a cafe near the habour. It is such a homelike and cosy cafe, with a variety of delicious-looking cakes and pies (screaming for meee).

We had beef goulash, and spinach and salmon quiche and they were both delicious.

Of course, we had to try their desserts! My regret was that I did not order more hehe.

Chocolate and raspberry cake, and lemon citron cake which was my favourite among the 2!

Peaceful stroll along the river

The cafes here are so pretty too! While exploring Vaxholm, we chanced upon this cafe with really dainty and quirky tablecloths and decorations. 

I had to take this photo because the ducks were so cute!
Titantic v.2015

On board the ferry back to Stockholm.

with a really cute baby!!!

Passed by the many islands of the Archipelago.

We had no idea what to eat for dinner so we went back to Vigarda Burger. This time round, we decided to try the Chicken burger with ginger curry. They were so generous with the ingredients! The ginger taste was mild so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Next stop, Gothenburg.

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