Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Concluding Easter with Manchester

Last stop: Manchester (7/4)

We spent the last day of our Easter trip at Manchester and I finally got to visit the famous Karl Marx and Engels desk. I have no idea why I was so excited over it haha.. probably because I'm a Sociology major? We were supposed to visit it on the first day of our exchange journey but due to the flight delay, we did not manage to.

It was my first time taking Singapore Airlines and I loved it! It was the best flight experience that I had.

I am feeling so thankful and blessed that we managed to be back in Sheffield safe and sound because we had such a bad scare during our flight to Manchester. There was a problem landing the plane and it ended up going in circles because the pilots could not tell where the fault in the system was as everything appeared to be functioning normally. There was air rush and one moment the plane was ascending and another moment, descending. With all the recent mishaps in the air, it was hard to not have any negative thoughts. Everyone clapped when the plane landed safely and I was wondering why the passengers were clapping because I didn't know we had already landed due to the really foggy weather. Phew!

Back to the familiar streets of Manchester

Manchester Gay Village

Lunch was at Chinatown because minz was craving for Chinese food. As it was still quite early and restaurants were not open yet, we got bubble tea first. Whatever happened to "this is the last time I will be drinking overpriced BBT." Yes, definitely the last time for sure. We had the bubble tea in a Hong Kong bakery and many of their baked goods were freshly out of the oven and everything looked so delicious. After contemplating for some time and unconsciously turning my head every few seconds to stare at the beautiful portugese egg tarts, I gave in and ordered one. I wasn't sure if it was because I hadn't had these food for a long time or because I was kind of hungry but at that moment, I felt like that Portugese egg tart was one of the best (if not the best) I had ever eaten.

We had gongbao fish and sweet & spicy chicken with egg fried rice for lunch. Both dishes were delicious and tasted so homely. The fish and chicken were probably deep fried and then drenched with the sauce. Egg fried rice was yummy too and reminded me of how much I miss having rice. I was coughing badly after that but for good food.. anytime! 

Manchester Town Hall

Albert Memorial to commemorate Prince Albert at Albert Square

We dropped by Tesco and got this Frijj full on fudge brownie milkshake. It was too thick and tasted too artificially flavoured for my liking.

John Rylands Library

This library is unreal!

I don't think I will be able to concentrate if I were to study there. I'll just be staring, admiring and scrutinizing every inch of the stunning and intricate details of the interior.

I haven't been to any libraries in Europe and I'm sure there're prettier ones out there but this one was just so amazingly beautiful.

I'd study here all day.

Manchester Cathedral


Chetham's library

I was finally at the point of interest that I was looking forward to the most. I was expecting Chetham's library to be bigger but the space was much smaller than I thought.

Study desk of Marx and Engels
It was fascinating to see this space so well preserved as it resides in the oldest public library in UK. Amazing how a building of the 17th century is preserved so well.

Just unleashing the intellect in me. Who am I kidding? The bookshelves are all blocked from access.

People's History Museum.
This is a museum depicting the history of Britain and Manchester with many interesting pictorial content. I'd appreciate this museum even more if I wasn't that lethargic from staying awake for more than 24 hours.

Hello again, Manchester Wheel!

I also had my first subway in years because it was cheap (£2) and filling. Finally, this blog post concludes the end of our Easter trip. Those 3 weeks were well-spent exploring Europe. I am glad that I am using this platform to record down these wonderful memories that I will one day return to read and reminisce.

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