Friday, 12 June 2015

Easter Trip: Füssen, Germany

11th stop: Füssen, Germany

Day trip to Füssen (6/4):

We made a day trip to Füssen from Munich to see the castle that inspired Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle. I could not believe I ran so fast in chunky heels because I thought I was going to miss the train. The train was located at the furthest platform so I ran as fast as I could while hoping that I would not trip and break my nose. It turned out that our tickets were valid for anytime of the day.

Breakfast was currywurst sausages just outside Munich's train station. The sauce was very salty. Hamburg's version tasted the best and I am missing it so much now.

I got this sweet pastry that was so flaky and crumbly from a bakery in the train station. European bakeries are the best. They have such a wide variety of baked goods to choose from.

Hello Füssen!
Füssen is beyond gorgeous and its landscapes are so photogenic. I do feel that Füssen is especially beautiful during winter when the trees and alps are covered with snow.

View of Neuschwanstein Castle from afar, also known as the Disney castle!

Füssen's currywurst tasted so much better than Munich's. It was comforting to eat them on a cold and snowy day.

Because it was snowing so heavily and it would take a 40 minutes walk to reach the castle, we decided to transport by horse which was the only other mode of transportation available that day. The horses seemed to be working non-stop in the cold and two horses had to have the strength and stamina to transport a dozen people uphill. Honestly, I was feeling quite guilty to be a part of their burden :/

After we alighted, we had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the castle and we chanced upon a street vendor selling some street snacks. They tasted like fried dough balls coated with powdered sugar and they were delicious and served piping hot!

Entrance to Neuchwanstein Castle

It was so cold that I was unable to feel my toes and fingers. It was to the extent of me thinking about the possibility of them breaking off due to the cold.

Although it was freezing cold and snowing heavily, it was one of the best, if not the best day of this entire Easter trip.

The bridge where the famous photo of Neuschwanstein Castle was taken.
We did not manage to hike up due to time constraint. I'll be back to hike up and to admire you in another season, Füssen!

Füssen's winter scenery is superbly gorgeous I could not even believe my eyes.

Beauty in these bare trees

Such a gorgeous white city

Hohenschwangau castle

We also had a bit of an adventure climbing over gates and risking our lives in the process in order to capture alternative perspectives of the fairytale castle. It was quite a thrilling experience. You can see how the floor was perfectly covered with snow except for our footprints. Also, spot the huge lake in the background!

Loving such pathways
Tree-lined pathways have their own individual charms in every different season and they are all so beautiful.

Sunset at Füssen
We took a later train back because we could not make it in time for the earlier train and we could have used that extra time to explore Füssen deeper. Nevertheless, the few hours spent there was amazing.

Pretty streets of Füssen

Romantic vibes

Füssen was the unofficial last stop of our Easter Trip. I've learned and grown so much from this Easter trip. It was tiring but definitely worth it.


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