Sunday, 7 June 2015

Easter trip: Munich, Germany

10th stop: Munich, Germany

Sunday (1/4)

Sunday was spent at Munich and we totally picked the wrong date to go. We arrived only to find out that shops are not allowed to open for businesses on Sundays except for eating establishments. It is probably a good thing for workers in the retail sector since they can get a mandatory day off each week. Thankfully the shops at the train station are made an exception to open. Also, churches were open if not there wouldn't be anything to (sight)see and we would have wasted our trip there.

City centre of Munich
All the shops were closed but the window display lights were still on. So misleading!


Asam's Church

Interior of Asam's church
It is definitely one of the prettiest churches in Munich.

Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) and the famous Glockenspiel

Frauenkirche - such a simple yet elegant church

I loved the stained glasses and tall ceiling.

Kaiserschmarrn frisch zubereitet from Cafe Am Dom.
This looked so darn good but it was lacking of flavour. Fortunately, the apple sauce made up for it. I had wanted to try this at the easter market in Vienna but they were sold out so we decided to try it at this cafe. Service was the worst I had experienced in my entire life -_- but at least I finally tried this.

Rathausgalerie Kunsthalle
lovely buildings everywhere!

St. Peter church

One of Munich's oldest churches (if not the oldest)

Bayerische Staatsoper Opera House

Residenz museum

Odeonsplatz - a large square in Munich

Hofgarten (Munich Court Garden)

Pavilion in Hofgarten
The sun was so glaring but weather was still quite cold.

Lovely atmosphere and great music! It would have been perfect if there was a cup of hot drink in my hand.

Munich Residenz - a former royal palace

Theatine Church

Absolutely gorgeous!

Such a clean and neat interior, yet saturated with so many details.

Dinner was at Augustiner for their crispy pork knuckle. It was so fatty and the fats did not really have the melt-in-the-mouth sensation. The skin was chewy and very crispy while the meat was tender. The gravy complemented the pork knuckle well but I'd gladly have an extra serving of the sauce because the meat was rather dry.

Spaetzle noodles with cheese
Spaetzle is one of my favourite German dish but I only ate it once during my entire trip in Germany :( 

Chocolate mint ice-cream.
Again, I did not pick the chocolate flavour because chocolate seemed to be a worse killer for my sore throat. Yep, my sore throat was so persistent that it lasted for 2 weeks after this trip. It was so serious that I even coughed out blood. I only realized it when I was coughing at the basin one day and the blood actually splattered all over the area.

I don't look good here but it was one of the few photos that we took together in Munich so I'm including it in the blogpost. Thanks for creating these beautiful memories with me minz :)

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