Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Easter Trip: Vienna, Austria

9th stop: Vienna, capital of Austria

Day 1 (3/4)

We stayed at Hotel Post Wien and it was very expensive because it was the weekends T.T

First stop was Dominikanerkirche, a cathedral.

European churches are so aesthetically satisfying.

 Universitatskirche wien, a University church

also known as the Church of the Jesuits

This 17th century church is rich in baroque embellishments. It is truly beautiful.

Lunch was at Jonathon & Sleglinde where they specialize in potato dishes and apple drinks. This was the con de blu with ham and cheese which was recommended by the waitress.

Of course, we had to order a jacket potato with turkey breast and mushrooms. The gravy was so good and was paired well with the otherwise dry potato. Turkey breast was a tad dry and tough though.

Streets of Vienna
Vienna gave me calm and relaxing vibes. This city is beautiful.

St. Stephen's cathedral has such an impressive architecture. 

Spotted some horses around the area of Stephansplatz which is ashopping district.

St. Peter Church

another baroque church that is beautifully and richly decorated.

Easter market at Am Hof square
I love the vibrant ambience of easter markets, especially when they have pretty easter eggs decorated to match the festive mood.

I am certain that these beautifully painted easter eggs will make good decorative pieces.

Snacked on salted bread stick while exploring the easter market

Hofburg Palace

Sachertorte - chocolate cake

Volksgarten - a park that is part of Hofburg Palace

Totally digging the rows of neatly lined benches



 Votive Church - a neo-gothic church with twin towers

beautiful.. beautiful!

 Vienna Parliament Building
This is by far one of the most imposing parliament buildings I had seen. Just look at the grand size of those awe-inspiring statues!

Intriguing statue pillars

Prunksaal - Austrian National Library

The first time we came, we passed by the library without realizing it. The next day, we went out of our way to visit the library but it was closed. I saw pictures of it and can only imagine how majestic its interior is.

Buggarten, Mozart Statue
Because Vienna is Mozart's birthplace.

Dinner was at Naschmarkt, the largest food hall in Venice. I was expecting street food stalls but there were instead many individual restaurants and cafes.

Beef goulash with bread dumpling for dinner.


Day 2 (4/4)

Schönbrunn palace
This was one of the few palaces with such a clean design.

Easter market at the grounds of the palace
The Easter market at Freyung is the largest one in Vienna!

Pretzels overload! Look at that huge pretzel!
There was a stall selling my favourite spaetzle but I already had brunch so I did not get it :/ Feeling a little regretful now..

Prater - an old amusement park
This attraction was something I was looking forward to but it was sort of disappointing. A couple of stalls were closed and atmosphere was very quiet. Perhaps Hamburger Dom had set the benchmark for me so I was expecting more. Perhaps it was also because we went during the daytime so it did not look as fun and exciting without the vibrant neon lights.

 one of the roller coasters there but it did not look exciting though

Mini carousel

 I felt so sorry for these horses because during the opening hours, they are confined to such a small space and can only walk around in small circles just for people's entertainment.

Boomerang rollercoaster - probably the best ride there

Again, I could not resist getting an ice-cream cone even though my sore throat and cough were quite bad.

I only sat the Prater Turm due to limited budget. The 360 degrees view was amazing up there. It felt like I was on a swinging observatory tower. If you want to admire Vienna, forget about observatory decks or towers, ride on this!

I had wanted to try this but decided that I shall save the money for Europa-park. Can't wait!


Stadtpark is the park that has the most monuments and sculptures in Vienna.

 This park is filled with many statues of musicians and artists, and this is the famous Johann Strauss monument.

This was our first sight of fully blossomed trees. So gorgeous :')

Attempting a pseudo candid shot
Schwarzenbergplatz - a Viennese square

St. Anna Church

 Capuchin Church - a church and monastery

Simple interior, nothing like the previous ones that we had visited in Vienna

First course of dinner was Apple Strudel from Old Viennese Market. Meh.

 Cream horn - a holly flaky pastry filled with whipped cream.  I love any kind of pastry that is flaky!

I was still hungry but did not know what to get so I settled for 2 huge slices of pizza for only €3.50! So full but so satisfying :)

Ending off with a phone selfie ^_^

Next stop, Munich.

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