Friday, 17 July 2015

Day trip to Birmingham

We had a 6-day trip (20-25 May) right before our exams which was on the 29 May hehe, First stop was Birmingham.

Pen Museum
Birmginham used to be the centre of the world pen trade!

Library of Birmingham with a unique architecture

The Birmingham Library is a relatively new £189 construction!

This is one lovely library.

Streets of Birmingham

Gas Street Basin

Birmingham's gorgeous Town Hall

Interesting art installation in Ikon Gallery

Minimalist art gallery

 Birmingham Canal Side

..lined with a couple of restaurants and cafes 

The Mailbox
This is a shopping centre and it is a base for BBC Birmingham.

Visitors can role-play and try presenting the news!

Hall of Memory - a memorial built to commemorate who had sacrificed their lives in the world wars.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Victoria square 

Starbucks were having a happy hour promotion and I got my Java Chip frappuccino for half price!

Shopping at Primark

These shades are so cute but so impractical to wear.

I saw The Old Joint Stock on buzzfeed so I decided to try it out. We had the Pie & Ale Tasting Board and it came with 3 different beers. My favourite was the Honeydew beer which tasted really refreshing and fruity. Pies were good too.

Birmingham Cathedral


St Martin’s Church
This church looked especially beautiful against the blue skies.

Finally tried Five Guys! I love the ambience of this burger joint. So American! I quite like the burger but at £8, I gotta think twice the next time.

Scotch Eggs from Pure Bar & Kitchen. Why didn't I discover scotch eggs earlier? They were fantastic.

Fried chicken wings were really tasty too.

We also had the sausage roll which is their bar food thus it was served cold and did not taste appealing.

Raspberry Meringue was a sweet ending to our dinner! Yums.

Next stop: Bristol

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