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Europe Travels: Oslo, Norway

10/3: Oslo, Norway

This Norway trip was planned just 1-2 weeks before we left for it.  The main purpose of our Norway trip was to catch the Northern Lights as the season was ending soon. The trip started on a bad note but I had learnt so much from it. I guess this is what traveling does to you. You must forcibly pick yourself up from where you fall and you learn something from it in the process.

We spent 2 days in Oslo but wasted the first day because I only arrived in the evening. I had went to the toilet to poop and return only to discover long queues at the check-in counters in London's airport. I waited for half an hour and the queue did not move at all. I was late by about a minute or two and it was such a terrible feeling to see my plane still parked at the departure gate and me not being able to board it. Those minutes of waiting felt like hours. It was such a long and terrible day and I was so glad to finally meet Sherm safe and sound in the hostel. We then went out to get some food from the supermarket to settle our dinner. What a start!

Norway is indeed one of the most (if not the most) expensive city in the world. A fast food meal in McDonalds can cost almost SGD$20. I got quite a shock when I saw the menu. We usually settle for supermarket food for our brunches. Burger King's cheeseburger costed about SGD$4 and I had it twice during the trip. I don't think I've eaten Burger King's cheesebuger before?

The next day, we could finally explore the city. First stop was Oslo Cathedral.

It was very windy in Oslo.

Streets of Oslo

Oslo Ostbanehallen - a shopping center
This building did not look like a shopping mall at all and we did not enter because we didn't know.

Saturated blue skies coupled with the sun made for a lovely day out.. if it wasn't that windy.

The roof of Oslo Opera House was so (if there's such a word..) minimalistically beautiful.

White sloping marble roof

The wind was so strong that I felt like I would be blown away if I were to stand on the ledge.

Akershus Fortress - a medieval castle that was built to protect Oslo.

Oslo Fortress

The Royal Palace of Oslo

We managed to catch the changing of guards at the palace.

Nobel Peace Center 

Ship docks near Aker Brygge
Oslo National Theatre

Coffee break at Kaffebrenneriet
Coffee was mediocre but it was such a lovely moment to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee without caring about anything in the world. I have always imagined sitting outside a cafe in cold weather, people-watching and warming my hands up with a cup of good coffee. Close enough.

Sherm's main of whale steak. Apparently, only whaling from the minke whale species is permitted as they are supposedly a sustainable species. Texture of the whale steak was very similar to beef steak but the colour and taste were much richer. It did not taste gamey too.

Norwegian waffle with brown cheese

This was one of their local food too and it was really delicious!

Some stuff we got from the supermarket - wheat biscuits, potato salad, prawn mayonnaise salad, and smoked salmon. I settled the bulk of my dinner from the supermarket because I had wasted so much money on the missed flight and also because I felt I did not deserve a good meal. *sigh*

When in Norway, eat salmon. I hate mayonnaise and didn't realize that the prawn salad contained so much mayonnaise ugh!

We got McCafe shakes to reward ourselves for surviving the solo journey to Oslo. They costed no more than SGD$5 which was surprisingly cheap as compared to the McDonald's meals.

Next stop, Tromso.

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