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UK Travels: Bath and Stonehenge

22/4: Bath

3rd stop of our 5-day trip was Bath and Stonehenge. 

We had breakfast at Hart's Bakery in Bristol before we took the train to Bath. The custard tart was awesome! Imagine flaky exterior coupled with soft and smooth custard. I totally can't wait to savour Portugese egg tarts in Portugal!

I also had quite a huge serving of spinach and feta cheese quiche all to myself.

Bath Spa Train Station

On our way to the hostel
Aren't Bath's streets so photogenic?

 Hello blackie (?)! This dog was so excited and enthusiastic to meet me hehe.

He could not stop licking me! That was genuine happiness on my face haha. Yeah, my feet gave up on wearing those platforms and I wore slippers instead.

View from Pulteney Bridge

I am in love with these ridiculously neat rows of houses.

I'd love to live in one of these houses.

Holburne (Art) Museum

Sydney Gardens

Why do I always look so short in photos *sigh*

St Michael's Church

 The Circus - an iconic rounded landmark

 The Royal Crescent - also one of Bath's most iconic landmarks.

Beautiful Georgian architecture

 Botanical Gardens at Royal Victoria Park

One day in Bath and I was convinced that Bath will be one of my top favourite cities in the UK.

Roman Baths - a Roman site for public bathing

Oh Bath you're so gorgeous!

The famous Roman Bath Museum

Bath Abbey

It is one of the most impressive Abbeys I had seen.

Beautiful interior and a choir playing in the background

Pretty stained glasses

We chanced upon San Francisco Fudge Factory near Bath Abbey and I tried their Peanut Butter fudge. It had a smooth and creamy consistency and was so rich in peanut butter flavour. It was one of the best fudges that I had!

These fancy apples were going for £2.99 each. I'll just have my apples naked.

Teabreak at the famous Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House

I paid £2.88 for 1/2 a plain Sally Lunn bun and it tasted just like an ordinary bun. It was fluffy and crisp on the toasted side, perhaps above average in terms of quality but definitely not worth that price. They also could have at least served it with a bit of butter?

Belgium waffles with mocha ice-cream and chocolate ice-cream at The Real Italian Ice-cream Company. This is a popular ice-cream establishment but I felt that there was nothing special about their ice-cream. Waffle did not taste like the belgium waffle that we had too.

Parade Gardens

St John The Evangelist Church

We had dinner at a very popular Spanish tapas restaurant - Ole Tapas. We almost couldn't get a table as reservations were full!
This was the spicy chorizo sausages and the gravy that accompanied it was so flavourful.

Fair style octopus with potatoes. This was their signature dish but I felt that it was worth a miss.

I was looking forward to the fried calamari because it looked so good but they were soggy from the grease.

Chocolate churros were average.

It was 7+ P.M. in the evening and all the shops were closed but the skies were still so bright. I still need to get used to the longer days.

23/5: Stonehenge

The next day was reserved for a day trip to Stonehenge.
Cheese platter from The Fine Cheese Co. There were blue cheese, french goat cheese, and goat cheese in this platter if I remembered correctly. My favourite was the blue cheese!

Bath Guildhall Market

There was an interesting street performer playing the violin while balancing on a tightrope.

Shopping at Primark.. There should be a Primark in Singapore!!

I got the traditional pastry from The Cornish Pastry Company for lunch before leaving for Stonehenge. Beef was a little hard (yes.. hard) and it wasn't as good as advertised :(

We joined the tour bus from Bath and initially got transport tickets only. The tour driver then asked us why we were going there without the intention of seeing the Stonehenge because without an admission ticket, there was no way we could see it. We ended up paying an additional £12 for the admission fee.

Ta-da! Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world. To see this stone structure, we paid SGD60.

I stood there very long for a photo without anyone else in it but still failed to get a good shot without anyone in it..

There is debate about why Stonehenge was constructed. It is an impressive structure but I don't get why this has been qualified as one of the wonders of the world since the purpose and meaning of Stonehenge are open to speculations and interpretations since there are no official explanations.

Photobombed by a cute kid

europexploreRS :)

all the meh meh in the background

The homes of Stonehenge's builders supposedly looked like this.

Vast greenery~ my kind of thing

New friend that I met in the tour bus. She is so pretty! You can probably tell how significant our height difference is from this photo alone :/ 

After Stonehenge, we went to Same Same But Different cafe for dinner.
This was the rice dish of smoked haddock kedgeree with soft boiled duck egg. Delicious!

Plum sauce glazed Cod Cheeks
Best cod cheeks ever! They were so tender, moist, and went so well with the slightly sweet plum sauce.

average Confit Pork with Cider and Chorizo Lentils

Again, ice-cream after our dinner!

Next stop, Brighton.

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