Friday, 3 July 2015

UK Travels: Hadrian Wall and Carlisle

8/3: Hadrian Wall and Carlisle

Day trip to Hadrian Wall and the nearby town, Carlisle.

Hadrian Wall (aka Roman Wall) was a defensive fort built by the Romans. The wall is also a world heritage site. We got the chance to visit it because our university had organized a trip there.

Approaching Hadrian's Wall

So many sheeps and there were no barriers!

..and we reached.

Stunning landscape surrounds the beautiful archaeological ruins. 

Remains of the Hadrian Wall

It was a very windy day and it was so difficult to take a proper photo so I took most with my back facing the camera.

Simply breathtaking!

Walking in the vast greenery was such a relaxing feeling.

After visiting Hadrian Wall, we took the bus to the nearby town Carlisle which used to be a Roman settlement.

Carlisle Cathedral

Purple tulips?

Carlisle Castle
This used to be an important Roman fortress.

Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery

City centre of Carlisle

Another city checked! At first, I was so turned off by the long bus journey which made me feel sick. However, to physically be there to witness the site and to be rewarded by the views were worth it. It was a rewarding day after all.

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