Wednesday, 19 August 2015

UK Travels: Edinburgh, Scotland

13/6: Edinburgh, Scotland

After a day in Glasgow, we took a train up to Edinburgh.

Beautiful streets of Edinburgh
When I first arrived, I knew Edinburgh would be one of my favourite cities in the U.K.

Museum of Childhood

creepy dolls in the museum

 Chanced upon this quirky little indoor market selling handicrafts, food, and more.

St. Giles Cathedral

Charming medieval interior from the 12th century.. There was a choir singing when I visited the cathedral!

 National Museum of Scotland
This museum was so huge and informative. Entrance is free too *yay*

I took the lift up to the top of building and managed to catch a glimpse of Edinburgh Castle. It was really windy up there, with an average temperature of 13°C and I wasn't appropriately clothed for the weather. What a cool experience.

 Greyfriars Bobby Memorial
This memorial was constructed in memory of this loyal dog who kept watch over the grave of his master for 14 years :') Dogs are indeed man's best friend. It also made me miss Lessie so much because I had not seen him for 5 months already.

Exploring the streets of Edinburgh

Pulled pork bun from Oink
This tiny bun was packed with flavours! The pulled pork was so tender and the sweet apple sauce was an interesting complement to the savoury flavours while the bun was soft and fluffy.

At the grounds of Edinburgh Castle

What were those people behind me looking at?! hahahaha...

Castle Rock 

Chanced upon this cemetery located in the city

Loving Edinburgh's architecture

Our first dinner was at Wannaburger. I was never a fan of burgers but surprisingly, my days in the U.K. made me crave for burgers. We tried the spicy chicken burger and I liked it but the chicken patty was quite skinny, unfortunately.

Delicious gelato from Mary's Milk Bar

Just outside the dessert shop, there was an unobstructed view of Edinburgh Castle.

Drafting this blog post brings back so much memories. I miss you, Edinburgh.

2nd dinner at Wings
At first, we were not hungry so we decided to just order 2 flavours of wings to try. These were the hot chipotle buffalo and BBQ teriyaki flavours.

Seeing the table next to us ordering so many different bowls of wings, we got tempted to order another serving.

After finishing our 3rd serving of wings, we couldn't resist and decided to try the Nacho Wings. No regrets because this was my favourite. Winning combination of cheese, sour cream, and salsa!

Wings has a hot wings challenge and we got to sample the sauce. It was the spiciest thing I had ever tried and it tasted like Satan's wrath -_-. The couple beside us was enthusiastically encouraging us to take up the challenge as the guy had done it before. Thinking back, the pain sensation was nothing similar to the Korean fire noodles'. It was at least 10 times worse.

This was taken when I was below 40 kg. Only after gaining so much weight back did I realize how comparatively skinny my face used to be. Thank goodness I lost quite a lot of weight back in Sheffield because at the end of this 6-week trip, I gained a whopping 7 kg (and counting ever since I am back in Singapore hahaha).

Next stop, the Scottish Highlands.


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