Wednesday, 12 August 2015

UK Travels: Glasgow, Scotland

12/6: Glasgow

After our school ended, we embarked on a 6-week trip around Europe. First stop was Glasgow, Scotland.

I had to lug nearly 50kg worth of stuff to Manchester to store them. 5 bags in total.. Not too bad!

We got a cinnamon bun from Arndale Shopping Centre as we first had it when we arrived in Manchester. Memories :') This tasted amazing when it was freshly heated up!

..on the train ride to Glasgow

When we reached Glasgow, we chilled at Caffe Nero for a bit as we couldn't check-in early.

selfie while waiting for Sherm in the hostel hehe

pretty street art

city centre of Glasgow

loving Glasgow's architecture, which is famous for its Victorian architecture and architecture designed by Charles Mackintosh.

Interesting building spotted.

We went up to The Lighthouse for views of Glasgow but the view was not very nice with all the constructions going on.

My average distance clocked per day was almost 20km!

Glasgow School of Art
Such a modern architecture nested among the antique ones..

No. 1 chocolate factory? I was quite tempted to try it but there was really no1 in it so I assumed it wasn't as good as it claimed to be.

This somehow reminded me of Bath. I love how nearly symmetrical these houses are.

Dinner was fish & chips from Philadelphia. They were freshly fried, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I was so thirsty after that though.. Couldn't imagine the amount of grease inside my body after finishing everything.

Chips all day! As it was a takeaway shop, we brought our food to a nearby bus-stop to eat because the park was too far away. If we were in Singapore, we would already be featured on Stomp haha!

Botanic Gardens

Kibble Palace - one of the glasshouses in Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Lovely weather to take a stroll in the gardens :)

Dessert: Cake from Matilda's

The Mackintosh House
the home of Charles Mackintosh, a Scottish architect/artist who had contributed to Glasgow's international fame. It was still so well-preserved!

University of Glasgow

at the grounds of the University

beautiful architecture

 Passed by these street art on my way to the riverside to catch the sunset!

Riverside museum
It was closed when I got there and it also started raining soon after. I wasn't well-equipped for UK's erratic weather and gave up the idea of walking a few kilometres back to my hostel.

At least I managed to catch the sunset :)

The Tall Ship at Riverside
supposedly one of Glasgow's iconic tourist attractions

Empty streets at 8pm

2nd stop, Edinburgh.


  1. Really hope that you enjoyed your time in Glasgow - even if the weather is pretty unpredictable here.

    Just wanted to pick up on your photo of Glasgow School of Art - the building in the photo is their new addition to the campus (think its called the Reid Building) though the main Art School building is the one designed by Mackintosh himself.
    It was a stunning building inside and out, however last year a devastating fire broke out and destroyed some of the most famous parts of the school (eg. The library)
    Hopefully they will manage to restore it as best as possible.

    1. Ah I see. Thanks for the info :) I thought that the building was out of bound to visitors thus I didn't check it out. The library looks amazing though.

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