Sunday, 20 September 2015

Omakase Dinner @ Hana Japanese Restaurant

For C's birthday, I brought him to Hana Japanese Restaurant at Forum for their omakase dinner. They are currently having weekday promotions for their omakase sets but since we had the entertainer app, we were entitled to a 1 for 1 omakase dinner from their regular menu.

I think this is soybeans simmered in shoyu. This was a very addictive appetizer and had a very distinct Japanese flavour. Of course, I finished every single bean. So simple yet so satisfying.

Next up, fried salmon skin. They could definitely do better than this.

Sashimi platter which consisted of sake, akami, ikura, amaebi, swordfish.etc The presentation was lovely and the sashimi were laid on a bed of ice to maintain its freshness. The selection, however, was mundane and disappointing.

The truffle chawanmushi was the highlight of our meal. The steamed egg custard was smooth and silky, slightly sweet, and served piping hot in a small claypot. It was generously topped with truffles that lent an intense earthy flavour to the overall dish. Uni was sweet, with a subtle briny touch to it.

Last but not least, we had a range of negitoro sushi. There were a couple of repeated ingredients from the sashimi platter earlier so there was not much of a surprise factor. At the original price of $80 per omakase set, I was expecting.. more.

For dessert, we had a scoop of yuzu sobert which was light and citrusy, making it a refreshing end to the meal.

Overall, if it wasn't for the entertainer app, this would not be value for money considering that it is $80++ per set. At this price, I can definitely get better ones.

If you're looking for affordable omakase, perhaps you can skip their regular omakase on the menu and try their omakase promotion on Mondays which is going for $30++ only!


Hana Japanese Restaurant
Address: Forum the Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road #01-17, Singapore 238884


Ending this post with a photo of us.. To many more birthdays together :*

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