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UK Travels: Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands

14/6: Scottish Highlands

Manchester > Glasgow > Edinburgh > Scottish Highlands
After a day in Edinburgh, we were headed to the Scottish Highlands the morning after.

Chocolate doughnuts for breakfast at only 56p for the entire box!!! We got them at Sainsbury's the night before. I'll never get such discounts in Singapore.

Greetings from the #europexploreRS :)

We joined a tour to the Scottish Highlands and our brief first stop was at Forth Road Bridge, east central Scotland.

Forth Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

National Wallace Monument in Stirling
This monument is dedicated to Walter Scott, a famous Scottish poet.

..while waiting for the shuttle bus up to the monument

Stirling's beautiful greenery
summit of Abbey Craig

pretty little houses in Stirling

It was such a cold and wet day thanks to Britain's erratic weather.

Stirling Castle, atop Castle Hill

Lake of Menteith

my kind of day ~ exploring nature and admiring the beauty of Scotland

Lunch break at the Highland village of Aberfoyle

We had homemade carrot cake at this simple and unpretentious bakery cafe. It was the best carrot cake that I ever had!

Chocolate milkshake for only £2 I think, which was very cheap for UK's standard.

Black sheeps at the village 

After the brief lunch break, we continued our journey up to the Highlands.

Scotland is teemed with lush greenery and there is so much natural beauty to appreciate. This is what I love the most about this country.

Highlight of this tour was to see the highland cattle, also known as the hairy cows.

We were warned beforehand not to stand so close to the hairy cows as they may get aggressive. Yup, it was proven right. Before I knew it, I got slammed hard by this cow's horn.

The calves were the cutest among the lot! They were so gentle and dainty as compared to their adult counterparts.

Beautiful lake opposite the hairy moos

Next stop! 

Beautiful Loch

Nature at its best. Simply stunning!

As I walked further in, I was greeted by this stunning view. I have no idea where this place is though.

Clear water and reflections

Last stop: Monty Python's Doune Castle

It was an interesting first-hand experience to explore the actual site of a castle.

near the grounds of the castle

After the tour, we headed back to Edinburgh's city centre. If you're interested, I joined the Hairy Coo tour, which is a free Scottish Highlands tour which operates on a tips basis, so give whatever you think it is worth! My tour guide was friendly and patient in providing information to us. The Scottish Highlands is certainly worth at least a day's trip.

Dinner at The Piemaker
Despite having such a high rating on tripadvisor, they turned out to be so disappointing. The hotdog bread was crispy but overly greasy.

The fillings of the beef pie were filled with chunks of fats and it was very forgettable.

Chocolate ice-cream for dessert

After dinner, we continued our journey to Holyrood Park. The Queen's Gallery is an art gallery that we chanced upon. It was barely 7 in the evening and everywhere was closed already.

Last stop of the day: Holyrood Park

Hiking up the rocky pathway was a tad intimidating because I was afraid I would just slip and fall -_-

Look at the pretty sun rays! Couple behind was totally judging our selfie shots.

As I hiked further up to Arthur's Seat, I was greeted with this gorgeous view.

This seemed like a perfect setting for couples to have a little picnic and admire the sunset.

My camera died on me halfway and my phone had no space left for any more photos. Woes of a 16GB iphone...

Next stop: Lisbon, Portugal.
I was very excited for Lisbon because I could not wait to savour authentic Portugese egg tarts. I had been craving for them for months prior to this trip!

Anyway, Edinburgh is truly beautiful. I'll recommend you to visit Edinburgh if you are in the U.K :)

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