Saturday, 24 October 2015

[Review] Pies & Coffee's Savoury Hot Meals

Specializing in handcrafted gourmet pies, Pies & Coffee has recently launched their new menu which features a couple of new savoury hot meals. Recently, I got to try their new items at their food tasting session a few days ago.

For drinks, we had the PC Lemonade and Iced Long Black. Their coffee tasted just fine without adding sugar syrup which was served separately. It was more acidic than bitter while their lemonade had a strong citrusy flavour with a fizzy touch. 

Barbecue Chicken Pie in Beetroot Crust $11.90
Featuring a hot pink top crust, this chicken pie has tender bite-sized chicken pieces stuffed in it and completely drenched with barbecue sauce. The top is actually a beetroot crust and the vibrant colour is derived from natural food colouring from the beetroot. While I felt that the taste of the crust was the same as their regular ones, this pie was sweeter probably because of the barbecue sauce.

Charcoal Crust Curry Chicken Pie $11.20
The chicken bites were very tender as well because chicken leg is used for their pies. The curry sauce was surprisingly spicy, with a rich and thick consistency. This crust also tasted like their regular ones and it did not taste buttery, which was perhaps masked by the robust flavour of the curry. 

Wagyu Beef Cheek Pie $11.90
We also got to try one of their signature pies in their menu. The wagyu beef was soft, tender, and sweet. However I would prefer if it was less fatty. All pies come with a side salad and mashed potato with gravy. The mashed potato had such a smooth texture and a buttery taste which I really like. The gravy that came with it was a lovely complement as well. 

Lobster Bisque Baked Rice $14.90
This baked rice was a highlight of the dinner! Onions, mixed herbs, carrots and celeries go into the prawn stock of this baked rice. With a 6-hour long preparation, the lobster bisque sauce has completely absorbed the natural sweetness and flavours of the flower crab, prawn, and slipper lobster jus. Rice was so moist and soft, resembling the texture of risotto which was such a delight. Although there's no lobster meat in it, some of the seafood ingredients include mussels and dory fish. 

Can we all take a moment to admire this blanket of cheesy goodness? Although it looked very cheesy, it was neither overwhelmingly cheesy nor creamy for me. Now that's a comfort food for me.

Lobster Bisque $9.20
This lobster bisque is served in a crisp and crusty bread bowl. Even after being served for some time, the bread's cover and edges still retained its crispiness. With a smooth and slightly velvety texture, the bread was able to hold the bisque well. Drink it while it is still hot for maximum satisfaction.

Curry Chicken Pot Pie $14.90
I was told that this curry chicken dish has a spicier kick than the curry chicken pie. This was indeed spicy but enjoyable. The spiciness slowly kicked in for me and I found myself wanting more because.. I love curry and spicy food! The chicken leg looked massive on top of the bread bowl and it was so tender as well.

Hungarian Beef Goulash Pot Pie $14.50
The beef goulash has been stewed for more than 5 hours, which explains its rich and robust flavour. Beef was a tad fatty, but very tender. Texture resembled that of a thick beef stew rather than on the soupy side and it was sweet and slightly spicy altogether.

Croque Monsieur $14.90
Olive-accented focaccia bread is topped with slices of turkey ham, turkey garlic, bechamel sauce, and covered with a cheesy layer of mozzarella cheese. Salad is served with vinaigrette dressing. 

The hints of pesto sauce drizzled on top complemented the overall flavours well and its cheesiness was not over-the-top for me. This was slightly salty from the ham and cheese but not excessively. 

I also managed to sample a few desserts, one of which is their special Halloween cake.

This Halloween cake combines both sweet and savoury flavours. Pumpkin mousse is spread over layers of the soft and moist sponge cake, and then topped with pumpkin cream. The pumpkin addition was interesting although its combination was a little odd. The sweetness of the pumpkin made the already-sweet cake even sweeter.

Teh Tarik Cake $4.90
Texture was more on the dense side and I could not really make out the teh tarik taste. It would have been better if the flavour was stronger. 

Blueberry Pie served with vanilla ice-cream $7.80
The pie's crust was buttery and crumbly and it was filled with blueberries. While the fillings were a little dry for me, it was compensated by the vanilla ice-cream.

Overall, their desserts are more on the sweet side and I prefer their mains more. 

Their branches are located at Robertson Walk, Rochester Mall, The Grandstand, and Alexandra Retail Centre. Their concept is quite a casual one and prices are nett.

This food tasting session was held at Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC):
460 Alexandra Road, #01-18, Singapore 119963 
Tel: +65 6273 0042 
Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 8pm 
Saturday, Sunday and Eve of PH: 8.30am – 6pm

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