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UK Travels: Aberdeen, Scotland

15/6: Aberdeen, Scotland

Manchester > Glasgow > Edinburgh > Scottish Highlands > Aberdeen
We took the train to Aberdeen from Edinburgh and this was our last stop in the UK :)

Streets of Aberdeen
No, I did not desaturate the photo. After visiting the other cities in Scotland, I was surprised to see that Aberdeen's buildings are mostly in hues of grey and it was quite a cloudy and dull day too, which added to the overall gloominess.

The architecture of Aberdeen is predominantly made of granite, which explains its chief colour!

New Slains Castle - a pub inspired from "Dracula". I would not have guessed this was a pub since this was set in an old church.

His Majesty's Theatre, with the statue of William Wallace (a national hero who played a major role in the fight for Scotland's Independence) pointing to it.

Central Library

Because the leftover digestive biscuits I had for brunch (in an attempt to save some money) were not satisfying enough, I decided to reward myself with a warm fudge brownie which was such a lovely snack to have under the cold weather.

Marischal College - This is certainly one of the most beautiful colleges I have seen. The architecture is so elegant.

The Tolbooth Museum
Interesting museum with a setting and atmosphere that were staged to resemble aspects of the historical prison. There were features of the 17th and 18th century cells, and supposedly original doors too.

Narrow spiral stairway leading up to the different storeys of the museum

An impression of the wardhouse interior in the 18th century.

Weather check: 11 degrees
I was trembling from the cold but thankfully, it was the last day of such weather that I had to endure because I did not bring any long pants for this trip X_X

Footdee (Fittie) - an old fishing village near Aberdeen Habour

Pretty houses located at Footdee! It must be lovely to stay by the habour and beach.

As we were walking towards the beach, I spotted this cute Labrador named Clifford. I know.. of all names, this dog has my boyfriend's name HAHA. Like Lessie, Clifford was so camera-shy and he refused to look into my camera *melts*.

Aberdeen Beach and Queens Links
This beach is supposedly famous for its golden sand, but really, it is just an ordinary beach with a fancy description.

There were some dogs running around at the beach and it was such a cute sight!

Queens Links Leisure Park
We chanced upon a cinema complex here and went inside to take a break from the chilly weather. We had quite a bit of a nerve-wrecking moment (on what happened that day, it would be a secret that would remain unrevealed hehe :P), deciding whether we should watch a random movie. It was such an opportune time since we had already completed our itinerary and the weather was too cold and almost unbearable for us to stay outdoors. At last, we caught San Andreas and it was quite an interesting movie about earthquakes. Surprisingly, we were the youngest audience in the theatre!

After the movie ended, we explored Codonas Amusement Park at Queens Links which was unfortunately closed. Then again, we had the whole park to ourselves *yay*. The place was almost completely deserted except for a few employees and it somewhat felt like we were in the scene of an abandoned amusement park in a horror movie.

Even the arcade was empty.

We could take photos all day without anyone judging us (because there was no one to haha).

Good lighting called for a selfie in the... toilet.

For dinner, we went to Hass's Fish and Chips, which supposedly had the best fish & chips in Aberdeen, according to the reviews on tripadvisor. These harmless looking circular stuff are actually battered deep-fried black pudding which are made from pig's blood! I always thought that consuming pig's blood was an asian thing but black pudding is a traditional Scottish food! We were not game enough to try this, as with the other exotic food of Scotland such as haggis (stuffed sheep or lamb stomach).

Check out the generous portions of fish!! This was legit twice the size of Singapore's serving, but at half the price (around £4.50-£6.00). The fish and chips were freshly dipped into the batter and deep-fried on the spot. After we made our orders, there was a constant stream of customers flowing in which really said something about Hass's popularity among the locals. They were so greasy from the deep-frying and although it made me very thirsty, this meal was so darn good! I also realized that in the UK, their fish and chips are served with vinegar and salt.

Last fish n' chips, and the last of my skinny days (for real lol). The ultimate feasting all-day-err-day would commence in Lisbon.

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