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Europe Travels: Barcelona, Spain

22/6: Barcelona, Spain

Manchester > Glasgow > Edinburgh > Scottish Highlands > Aberdeen > Lisbon > Porto > Madrid > Valencia > Barcelona

We arrived at Barcelona at 5+ am and went straight to our hostel to bath and freshen up.

Brunch was at Cerveceria 100 Montaditos. They were having a €0.50-€1 per montaditos (something like a tapa-sized baguette) promotion on Mondays so we decided to try them out. We had grilled meat sandwich, hot dog sandwich.etc. Food was all mediocre although the online reviews were largely positive.

First few sights of Barcelona

Casa Batllo
So intrigued with this masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi which used to be the residence of the Batllo family. This picture does not do its beauty justice.

Those roofs!!

Casa Mila
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this building is an artwork in itself. I really like its interesting curvy architecture which is such a stand-out in the heart of Barcelona.

Summer's blossoms

The bread-lover in me couldn't resist this chocolate-filled pastry which was sprinkled with nuts and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista
This is the world's largest Art Nouveau site! It is also a world heritage site and a former hospital.

This former hospital is way too gorgeous to be one.

Sweet treats in bakeries around the area

Of course I got something hehe

Sugary flaky pastry.. I'm guessing this is some sort of a greaves cake?

More bread!!!

..and I came out of a different bakery with something as expected. This for only €0.50!

Sagrada Família - a UNESCO World Heritage Site
The construction started in 1882 and was opened in 2010. When we were there, construction works were still ongoing though. This is by far the most impressive-looking church I've seen so far (designed by Gaudi!).

I mean.. just look at the details. It is insanely and thoroughly complex and intricate.

Palau de la Música Catalana
This concert hall has also been acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Beautiful curves and facade

Santa Caterina market - check out all the fresh seafood!

Fideuá at Cuines Santa Caterina
Fideuá is basically a noodles version of paella, and is so yummy!

After having the fideuá, we got tempted by the deep-fried visuals of these anchovies in the market. It was all good except for the numerous tiny bones embedded in them.

Spotted this rundown building donned with a mixture of hippie and cute (look at the bumblebees omg) street art. Love it!

One of the older residential neighbourhood

Me and my 1.5L water bottle

Arc de Triomf

Ciutadella Park

One of the many sculptures there

Castle of the Three Dragons

Riberia District

Fossar de les Moreres - a symbol of Catalan nationalism

King Martin’s Watchtower

The Gothic Quarter
neighbourhood in the old district

King's Square (Plaza Del Rey) - part of the Palau Reial Major, residence of the Counts of Barcelona.

connecting neo-gothic bridge

Dark Chocolate Gelato at Chocolatbox

Barcelona Cathedral

Placa Sant Felip Neri 
The somewhat sombre atmosphere at this old square was neutralized by some youngsters singing and playing on their guitar in the background.

Swelled up legs from all the walking.. See those swollen ankles?

somewhere near the Gothic Quarter

Pretty wallpapers

La Boqueria market and my 1 euro chocolate banana smoothie

Fresh strawberries on sale

Snacks and tapas

Cones and cones of fried food

Plaza Catalunya - city centre of Barcelona

This monument to Francesc Macià has such an unconventional and interesting structure.

Edificio Generali building in front of the Fountain of Neptune

Casa Lleo
This is one of my favourite modernist buildings in Barcelona. Even the balconies of this house are soo charming!

We had dinner at the nearby Ciutat Comtal. When in Spain, drink sangria! Unfortunately, my body is unable to tolerate alcohol but at least I gave it a try hehe.

Assorted seafood platter

These fried green peppers were so delicious! So were the croquettes, clams, prawns (so fresh!!) and deep-fried squid.

Cabreaos egg style
This was the best!!! Think skinny potato sticks fried until crisp and served with sunny-side up eggs with runny yolks. The server mixed it up for us the moment it was served so I hardly had any time to admire the dish.

For dessert, we had the Catalonian-style cream brulee. That crackly brittle surface of burnt sugar was so satisfying to break and the custard was light on the palate.

23/6: Day 2

The next day, we were back at Ciutat Comtal to try out the other items on their menu because we had such a satisfying dinner.

Beef tenderloin montaditos with green peper

Prawns on a skewer - with a nice smoky grilled flavour

Mirror shot while waiting for S outside the toilet hehehe

Right after lunch, I went to get an apple puff pastry from a nearby bakery which was recommended on tripadvisor and had also been awarded a certificate of excellence. This was so disappointing though :(

We got lost while getting to the Montjuic Fountain and didn't realize that we sat all the way to the last train station until several minutes later, we realized that the train was not moving at all haha. Well, that's part and parcel of being an independent traveller haha.

Plaza Espanya - at the foot of Montjuic

The Plaza Espanya metro station is linked to a shopping mall, which isn't common in Barcelona.

The impressive Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Such a pity that I wasn't able to see the night lights here but the view in the day was superb too.

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

..near the entrance of the Arts Museum, with a bird eye's view of Barcelona!

Statues leading up to the museum's entrance

Spot the twin towers (Venetian Towers)

First sighting of a pink pigeon!

What a cool loud pink pigeon.

After that, it was time for more food! We had some canas (pastry rolls with fillings) at this random bakery. They were quite cheap but taste-wise, mediocre.

Sant Pau del Camp - an old monastery from the 12th century 

Columbus monument at La Rambla

Port Olympic 

Rambla de Mar - the wooden walkway over the habour

Just chilling with some pigeons~

You know it is a major tourist area when you see horse carriages on the road.

Building of the military government at La Rambla

Dinner was at Piscolabis where we had some tapas. 
Fried brie with sesame seeds and tomato jam

Three cheese croquettes

Fried eggs with iberian acorn ham was my favourite!

Cannelloni with foie gras

Black rice with allioli sauce

2nd round of dinner was at La Botiga where we had our last fideua. 

Next stop for the #europexploreRS: Athens

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