Tuesday, 22 December 2015

[Review] Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant: Ala-carte Buffet

As usual, we had major cravings for Japanese food and ever since I was back from my Europe trip, I had yet to fully satisfy the Jap cravings. We also had the Entertainer app which had an enticing 1-for-1 buffet offer so here we were, at Shin Minori for their lunch buffet.

First round - 5 kinds of sashimi platter; Garlic fried rice; Chawanmushi; Mentaiko pasta, Shishamo
The sashmi platter was decent, except that the octopus had a rubbery texture which made it tougher to chew. Garlic fried rice was simple and fell short of its garlic's fragrance. The mentaiko pasta was comparably disappointing against Sushi Bar's version, lacking of flavour and somewhat dry.

We also tried some of their more interesting sushi such as this unagi maki with coconut flakes. This surprising combination of unconventional flavours were a harmonious one, which was a creative modern twist to the typical maki served.

Their Shrimp with Almond Flakes maki may come across as odd at first but surprisingly, the combination worked too.

Unagi Avocado Maki with soft shell crab
The sauce ruined it for me as its sweet and salty flavours overpowered the maki, leaving little room to savour the other ingredients.

These bite-sized pieces of soft shell crab were not my thing as I did not fancy the prickly and crunchy texture of the legs.

We had a serving of grilled brinjal which had a really weird and somewhat woody taste. It did not taste like the typical brinjal and even though I love brinjal, I was unable to carry on with a second bite.

and more sashimi!

Fried chicken wings, chicken meat balls, chicken katsu, takoyaki (too floury), wakame salad, fried squid on a skewer

The fried squid head was well-seasoned and their chicken wings were crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Teriyaki salmon
While I did not really appreciate their sweet and salty teriyaki sauce, the salmon was nicely grilled and meat was firm but tender and flaky.

Japanese fishcake
I would give this a miss.

We ended off our heavy lunch with this plate of kimchi with beansprouts. It is unusual to see a kimchi-based dish in a Japanese restaurant and I was surprised that this dish came in a regular sized portion. The kimchi tasted more to the sour side and there was too much gravy in this dish. Other than that, I do love my beansprouts.

We were there on a weekday and it was about 50% full. Our food came relatively fast too. While there were hits and misses, it was still a value-for-money ala carte buffet (especially if you have the Entertainer app).


Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant
Address: 81 Clemenceau Avenue, #03-15/16 UE Square, 239917


  1. Went there for chinese new year. We were just seated and the waiter came and asked us to change our seat because another customer wanted to sit here. Why the special treatment? So we moved. Then the miso soup was served cold. There was hair on the gyoza and the food was not tasty. Could not even finish. The tablet crashed and we had to restart our orded. For $55++ it was terrible. Dont ever go. Terrible food and service. Very cold waiters. Extremely rude. Not worth having a special request or asking for anything. Total rip off. We were not given ang pow and had to beg for it..we ordered a drink they did not have it then we changed and wete still charged for the drink they did not have.

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