Friday, 8 January 2016

Europe Travelogue: Oia Village, Santorini, Greece

25/6: Santorini, Greece

We were up early to catch our ferry to Santorini.

Iced blended espresso with whipped cream in the early morning

We got breakfast from a bakery near the ferry port. This is a Greek filo pastry pie (Spanakopita) with spinach and feta cheese fillings.

On board the ferry to Santorini

Paros, Greek island in the Aegean sea

It would be lovely to stay here for a day or two, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There were many stops along the way so the journey was quite a long one.

I succumbed to my growling stomach with Goody's chicken burger. Yeah I guess it was not a wise choice as it made my tummy bulge out for the rest of the day.

.. and a packet of maxi golden fries after the unsatisfactory burger.

First stop in Santorini was Oia, the most famous village in Santorini. Coupled with the peak summer season, this town was flooded with tourists.

Church of Panagia

Oia is such a photogenic town, surrounded by the calm and deep blue sea.

Santorini has always been on my to-go list and this trip was a dream come true as I never expected that I would be able to visit Greece so soon.

Beauty in every corner

Art gallery in Oia

Wedding photoshoots are such a common sight in Oia. I am not surprised because the photogenic backgrounds make such good photos.

These typical white and blue houses of Oia are so picturesque. I'm in love!

Beautiful villas in an artistic setting

Overlooking the majestic Caldera

A fairytale scene *dreamy eyes*

These minimalist walkways and cobblestoned steps are such an aesthetically pleasing sight.

While trying to figure out our dinner venue, we passed by these quaint little alleys which are occasionally lined with residential houses and restaurants.

Spectacular views everywhere

Dining with a view

Evening in Oia

Clusters of dreamy white-painted houses facing the sea

I had a really hard time choosing which photos to post because Oia is simply too photogenic!

On our way down to Ammoudi port, we saw these donkeys along the way. I didn't know donkeys have such huge penises O.O

After some 300 steps down, we finally reached Katina's Restaurant for a seafood dinner by the sea.

Starter was Greek feta cheese olive salad. Greens, finally!

Grilled mussels, Prawns, and really yummy fried squid

Feeling so blissful to be able to dine next to the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea.

Panoramic view of ammoudi port

The best view of the sunset would be at the top but we were only able to catch it in time by the port so our view was partially blocked. Still a gorgeous view.

Hello kitty ^_^ this cat appeared out of nowhere.

Imagine chilling on a float in the ocean and watching the sun set...

Enjoying the beautiful hues of Oia's sunset (together with a sunset boat tour in the background)

The best thing about summer days in Europe is that they are longer so the sky gets dark pretty late in the night.

300 steps back up

These brightly lit candles was a beautiful contrast against the low visibility of the sea at night.

Greek honey yogurt for supper

Thankful to have #europexploreRS. Not sure if I've mentioned it before but we created this hashtag #europexploreRS because R and S are our name initials :)

Next up: day 2 in Santorini.

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