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Europe Travels: Naples, Italy

27/6: Naples

Last greek yogurt before leaving Santorini

I got a tiropita (Greek cheese puff pastry) at Santorini airport and it was terrible :/

We had some pastries at Attanasio Sfogliatelle when we reached Naples. Sfogliatelle is a neopolitan pastry and there are 2 variations. The first one that we tried was sfogliatelle frolla (pictured in the background) which was saltier and denser in texture than the flaky crust's version (sfogliatelle riccie).

Our pink room for 2 nights

Narrow residential streets of Naples

Chiesa dei Girolamini
Pretty-looking church in the vicinity

Fried mac and cheese ball at Di Matteo. These street food are best eaten when they are freshly deep-fried.

Historic center of Naples

€1 pizza at Antica Pizzeria dell'Angelo
This was the worst pizza I had in my entire trip as it was served cold and hard :/

Got to love the quirky shopping streets here

My Little Pony! Childhood memories!

San Domenico Maggiore and its unique roof

I always feel the need to step foot into the local bakeries here because bread is one of my biggest weaknesses.

More street food we had: deep-fried risotto and cheese balls 

These quirky shaped pastas can be found in many specialty shops and they are so pretty!

The local snacks actually looked better than they tasted though :(

This was probably the most intriguing street art I had seen in Naples. There seemed to be so much going on behind this work of art.

New Jesus Square (Piazza del Gesu Nuovo) and the impressive Obelisco dell'Immacolata monument (dedicated to Virgin Mary)

Church of Gesù Nuovo and its unconventional stone facade

Loving the neat details of this charming pale yellow building at the square

Vibrant yellow-painted buildings are such a common but aesthetically pleasing sight here.

More street art donning the walls of Naples

Piazza Monteoliveto and the Fountain of Monteoliveto
This public square seems like a popular youth hangout.

Berry Cheesecake from Stickhouse
After getting it, I realized that Singapore has it too although I have not seen this flavour before.

Macchiato from Bar Mexico Cafe
I was rather impressed by their coffee and I got perked up instantly by its bitterness and strong acidity.

Oldie bookshop located along a small street

Old historical area where we stayed at

I really love how the sun sets so late during the summer days.

Porta Capuana, an ancient city gate.

4th municipality

We chanced upon a pet shop which was closed and this pug was pacing back and forth in his tiny enclosure :(

Sfogliatelle ricce (aka lobster tail) from Antica Pasticceria Carraturo
This is the another version of sfogliatelle that I've mentioned earlier. I also prefer this to the other version. Think delightfully flaky layers with creamy ricotta fillings. YUMS!

Awe-striking monument of the military leader, Civseppe Caribaldi.

Dinner was at La Masardona. La Masardona is famous for their deep-fried pizza and trust me, they are amazing. For starters, we had potato cheese croquette. Melted cheese makes everything tastes better!

Deep-fried pizza dough stuffed with eggplant, tomatoes, and cheese.

Pizza Ripiena

We could not get enough of them so we ordered a sweet one for dessert which was filled with warm, gooey melted chocolate. This was HEAVENLY. My night was made. I highly recommend you to try La Masardona!

Day 2: 28/6

Breakfast at Caffe Toraldo - 2 different versions of sfogliatelle and a local pastry.

This has got to be my favourite Neapolitan pastry. I am totally digging its fine and delicate flaky layers!

Exploring Napoli

Charmingly dilapidated

Street art and back alleys

Streets at the old historic center are mostly narrow.

Towards the modern side of Naples...

These horse carriage rides are everywhere in Europe. 

Castel Sant'Elmo, a medieval fortress

Pizzeria Napoli In Bocca
This pizzeria is highly raved on tripadvisor and their pizza is huge and filling!

If you're looking to savour authentic neapolitan pizza, you can give it a try here.

Millefoglie Cioccolato at the nearby Nababeria

Galleria Umberto I
This shopping centre supposedly has the grandest interior in Southern Italy. Not that impressive though.

Pastries at Sfogliatelle Mary
We tried the lemon baba, and of course, their sfogliatelle. Baba is a traditional dessert soaked in a rum-saturated syrup. Its texture somewhat resembles sponge cake, very soft and airy and the rum taste was really strong. If you love rum, you will probably love this.

Look at all these beautiful pastries! I was not able to stomach them down as much as I would love to due to the lack of stomach space :(

Freddo espresso at Gran Caffe
This robust shot of ice-blended espresso was worth every bit of the €1.20 spent.

Plebiscito square
This square is the largest in Naples, with the Royal Palace and the Church of San Francesco di Paola surrounding it.

Gotta love how this beautiful semicircular public square is so spacious and not flooded with visitors.

along the Gulf of Naples

It was really sunny and hot and there were many people sunbathing by the bay.

Fountain of Giant (Fontana del Gigante)

Modern side of Naples

Wedding photoshoot spotted

Castel Nuovo - 13th century castle located in central Naples

One of the many photogenic streets in Naples

Vibrant residential houses

Alley leading to.. our next meal

Seafood pasta at Cantina Della tofa
This was pretty good but prices were on the steep side.

Creme chocolate gelato at Officina Gelati

Interesting horse sculpture outside Via Toledo station

Lime slushie
These street vendors are everywhere and it is especially refreshing to have one during a hot summer day although it only makes me more thirsty :/

area near the Hospital of the Incurable (yeah.. that name..)

Flamboyant colours donning the exterior of these buildings

Naples Cathedral


Back at the hostel to rest for a bit before heading out for more food

Dinner was parma ham pizza with shaved cheese at Luigi Cacialli Pizza. Their walls are filled with several awards and achievements but I was not impressed by their pizza though.

The deep-fried pizzas we had the day before were the most memorable out of the many pizzas that we had tried.

Supper at Antica Pizzeria e Friggitoria
This deep-fried risotto was amazeballs!

and our last potato croquette in Naples :') Happy fats-accumulating activity. No regrets.

Next stop, Rome.

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