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Europe Travels: Florence, Italy

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1/7: Firenze, Italy

Breakfast buffet at our hostel in Florence

We arrived early in the morning so we left our luggages in our hostel before exploring the city.

Found this 2-in-1 Nutella biscuit sticks and drink in the local supermarket! 

Interesting architecture spotted.

We took a bus to Piazzale Michelangelo. This famous square offers panoramic views of Florence.

Weather check: 35°C

Fine views of Florence

Giardino Delle Rose
Unfortunately, it was too hot to explore this rose garden :(

When we reached the foot, we went straight for gelato at Il Gelato Di Filo. They have pretty good reviews on tripadvisor. I had pistachio and apple pie flavours.

Streets of Florence

Palazzo Pitti - a Renaissance palace
This palace has a rather dull and boring facade unlike the many other European palaces that we saw.

Basilica di Santo Spirito
Never judge a book by its cover. It was closed when we were there but this plain-looking church has such a beautiful interior as seen from Google images.

Victim to the seduction of bakeries

Pistachio sfogliatelle
I'm already missing the flakiness and sweetness of sfogliatelle although I had a lot of them in Naples. But hey, I've not tried an sfogliatelle with pistachio (yessss) fillings before.

Pretty cones spotted in Gelateria La Carraia
This gelato shop is very popular among locals and tourists. There were many flavours available too.

Gelato on a sweltering hot day is always a good idea.

Panoramic view of Florence's riverscape and featuring St Trinity Bridge at the far right
This renaissance bridge is the oldest elliptic arch bridge in the world. We crossed it to get to the other side of Florence.

Narrow building in central Florence

Carousel in Piazza della Repubblica

Street artist in action

Loggia del Mercato Nuovo
This New Market is located in the historic center of florence and sells mostly leather goods.

Palazzo Vecchio - Town hall of Florence

Mountains of gelato piled up side by side
I was so tempted to try it but I already had 2 rounds of gelato and half a day had not even passed yet.

Piazza della signoria
This square is located in front of the Town Hall, and is the site of the Fountain of Neptune (far left).

Loggia dei Lanzi
Spot the Perseus statue with the head of Medusa!

Horse carriage at the square


Chocolate wall at Venchi
This is every chocolate lover's dream! I'd love to bath in a pool of chocolate haha.

I'd love to get some of these but I was only halfway through my vacation.

Florence Cathedral, located at Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square)

This cathedral falls into my must-visit list of cathedrals and churches. Just look at these details!

Full marks for aesthetic factor.

Gates of Paradise from Florence Baptistery, comprising of bronze panels.

Giotto's Bell Tower

Probably the most beautiful bell tower I've ever seen :)

So so aesthetically pleasing. The design and architecture are such a feast for the eyes :')

San Lorenzo market

The Last supper is located in the convent of Sant'Appollonia but we were there after its closing hours so we did not manage to see it.

Giardino di San Marco

Libreia Gozzini - antiquarian bookshop

Gallery of the Academy of Florence - home to the original David by Michelangelo

Piazza della Santissima Annunziata - one of the quieter squares in Florence

Dinner: OK Bar's ragout spaghetti and prawns risotto
I also bought a peach from the local supermarket and it was so sweet and juicy!

Next stop, Pisa :)

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