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Europe Travels: Venice, Italy

4/7: Venice, Italy

Day 2 in Venice

After Cinque Terre, we headed to Venice. Venice was our 2nd last stop in Italy.

Got a chocolate croissant for breakfast before taking the train to La Spezia.

I was still quite hungry when we reached Florence so I got a 2nd round of breakfast hehehe -_-

Enroute to Venice
We saw this 1-legged pigeon who did not seem to be bothered by its handicap, just like any regular bird :) That's the way to go!

Ok I didn't realize I ate THAT much until I was blogging about it. When I was searching for a convenience store to buy water, I conveniently got this bag of Italian chips which I kept seeing in Italy. Lime and pepper flavours do make a good combination!

After a 2-hour train ride, we finally reached Venice. This is San Simeone Piccolo Church, which faces Venezia Santa Lucia train station.

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
We took a water bus to the area near our hostel. Along the way, I managed to capture some of Venice's beauty at the opposite Island.

S was telling me that I couldn't stop smiling when we were exploring Venice. Venice is too beautiful and it makes me happy just looking at the countless narrow canals and charming little bridges and streets!

Greek Orthodox Church

One of the many narrow canals with gondolas passing by every now and then~

Chiesa Di San Zaccaria

a 15th century church

We had a late lunch/early dinner at Trattoria Alla Rivetto.

The waiter who served us was really eccentric. When he heard that we only wanted to order 2 primi courses (pastas), his response was so exaggerated as though he had not heard of people having just that for a meal. We were not hungry enough for main courses but wanted to try this restaurant out as it was highly raved on tripadvisor.

In Italy, pasta (primo) is supposedly served as a first course, followed by a second main course of chicken, meat, or fish (usually). However, we were served a full-sized portion of pasta in every Italian restaurant we had been to in Italy so naturally we thought it was strange of the waiter to be so shocked at our decision. Their pasta portions turned out to be smaller than the regular-sized ones and were indeed more suitable for first courses.

We ordered desserts due to pressure lol! It was quite a ridiculous but hilarious experience as we were uncertain if he was trying to be funny or serious. Anyway, we had this Panna Cotta with berry compote which was pretty average imo.

Tiramisu :)
Yep, this marked the end of our weird start in Venice.

Exploring the shopping streets of Venice

There were so many shops selling these Venetian masks and dolls. They looked fascinating but after a while, the dolls looked creepy. Porcelain dolls somehow remind me of horror movies especially The Conjuring :/

Chocolate cake for only €1! Sadly, I was too full for it.

Bridge of Sighs

More gondolas, bridges, and canals...

St Mark's Clocktower

Doge's Palace

Carta Gate - the main entrance to the palace

Saint Mark's Square
There was an unusual amount of pigeons in this square. Surprisingly, many tourists welcomed the vendors who sold pigeon food and happily posed for photos as flocks of pigeons gathered around them.

St Mark's Basilica - One of the prettiest churches in Venice

San Marco Campanile - bell tower of St Mark's Basilica

Grand Canal

Church of San Moise

Just one of the many regular bridges and canals of this picturesque city on the water

St. Mary of the Lily (Santa Maria Zobenigo)

Cute little entrance spotted by the waters

Square of Campiello Feltrina

Sweet treats at a confectionery near Campiello Feltrina

Calle dose da Ponte square

Museum of Music (Museo della Musica) in San Maurizio which used to be a church

I couldn't resist the beautiful displays of pastries and cookies from outside this confectionery so I went in to take a look.

Panini and foccacia.. and croissants!!!

Trays of assorted macarons calling out for me...

and more macarons :)

We got this pistachio biscuit pastry (biscotti veneziani).

Campo Sant'angelo - a quiet neighbourhood around the central of Venice

Calle Fenice

Where there are canals, there are gondolas.

It was in the evening and even though the sun had not set, it was getting rather quiet in several parts of Venice.

Yet another charming canal

Campo Manin
This square features the statue of Daniele Manin and an intriguing winged lion.

Marchini Time was on our itinerary but they were no longer accepting any orders even though we arrived minutes before their closing time of 8:30p.m :(

Pretty Venetian masquerade masks arranged neatly according to their colours

Camp San Bartolomeo
This is one of the more popular squares as it is situated in a popular shopping district.

Pistachio cherry gelato from Gelatoteca SuSo to end off Day 1 in Venice :)

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