Friday, 5 February 2016

Review: On The Table Cafe at Pasir Panjang

Located a short distance across Pasir Panjang MRT is On The Table, a sister cafe of Lola's Cafe. Both menus have common items such as their signature crispy honey wings. Since I've been here a couple of times (because it is one of my mum's favourite cafes), I've decided to do a review on it :)

For drinks, I had my standard order of cafe latte. Their coffee has a stronger acidity and I love its robust caffeine flavour.

Flat White - a less milky version of Cafe Latte

Crispy Honey Wings
This popular item is also available in Lola Cafe and I am glad that they have it here too. These crispy wings are topped with paprika seasoning and honey. They are tender, juicy (perhaps a little oily) and are a great side to share.

Truffle fries with truffle mayonnaise
Their trufle fries were disappointing and we all agreed that there was a lack of truffle flavour. Even the mayonnaise had a stronger truffle taste than the fries :/

Truffle Mac and Cheese
While the truffle taste was not exactly distinct, the macaroni and cheese itself was satisfying. I doubt I will be ordering this again though.

Ultimate Croissant
Halfway through this, I realized that I had tried this in Lola's Cafe before. This time round, I felt that the scrambled eggs were a tad dry. I'd prefer mine to be runnier and creamier. The croissant was huge, fluffy, but it would have been better if it was more buttery. This comes sandwiched with bacon, ham and a salad side, which makes it a pretty hearty croissant meal!

Salmon eggs benedict with brioche toast
This fluffy brioche toast was topped with arugula, slices of smoked salmon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. While we were not a fan of their hollandaise sauce, this was nevertheless a safe choice and a typical comfort brunch food. The egg yolk also beautifully flowed out when we poked it with a fork. 

Salmon & mushroom truffle cream linguine
 I had this about 3 times but the last time was a let-down as the truffle flavour in the sauce was rather faint. Other times, it was really good and complemented the cream sauce really well. The bits of smoked salmon also lent hints of smokey and salty flavours to the overall dish; while the cream sauce was not cloying.

Our favourite pasta dish there :)

Chilli crab linguine
Topped with arugula leaves and shaved cheese, this harmonious combination of our local chilli crab sauce and italian pasta was a winning one. The mildly sweet and spicy sauce did not overwhelm the entire dish as well, making it enjoyable with every mouthful. The amount of crab meat in it also makes this worth the try. Yummy.

Duck confit
The confit was tender and the skin was crispy. I usually don't eat skin of the meat but I could not resist this. The texture of the potato puree underneath the confit was very smooth and fine while the citrus sauce was a refreshing complement to the savoury duck confit.

Seafood Aglio Olio
Prawns were fresh and the aglio olio was fragrant and I really liked how garlicky this plate of pasta was. It would have been better if it was less oily.

Chicken Harissa Pasta
This was not to our liking as we did not fancy the taste of the harissa. The sauce was also quite watery.

The first time we were here, we had Thai Green Tea & Belgian Chocolate ice-cream with waffle. This waffle was the skinniest that I had. It was surprisingly yummy even without all that fluff. The Thai Green tea was creamy and sweet while the Belgian Chocolate flavour was a little disappointing. The flavour was not as rich its name and I would prefer if it was less sweet.

The last time we came back to On The Table, I realized that they had upgraded the size of their waffles to the conventional shape. Their updated version is definitely bigger and fluffier than the previous one. This time round, we had the Thai milk tea and earl grey ice-cream flavours. They were as good as the previous time we tried. At only $10 for waffle with 2 scoops of ice-cream, it was worth it.

One plus point about this cafe is that prices are nett. The casual and cozy ambience also makes it an ideal place for family meals and friends gathering.

On The Table
118 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118541

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