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Europe Travels: Day 2 in Venice, Italy

5/7: Day 2 in Venice

Read: Day 1 in Venice

Last day in Venice and it was hard to leave this beautiful city! Venice definitely tops my list of favourite cities in Europe. If you have the opportunity to tour around Europe, do visit Venice!

Breakfast was at Cip Ciap La Bottega Della Pizza where we had this fried Italian rice ball aka arancini stuffed with meat sauce, cheese and green peas.

Trays of pizzas.. nyam!

Street food: pizza wraps
The ingredients looked so scrumptious inside the thin wrap! We tried the one with ham but it was really just average tasting only.

Typical italian street food of really huge slices of pizzas

Next food stop: Q Food & More
This small takeaway shop sells pizzas and pastas. We tried their squid ink pasta and I really liked the flavourful squid ink sauce. Also, they have really pretty tiles (yes, I placed this on the floor but I think no one noticed hehe)!

Rialto Market
These dried fruits looked really appealing and colourful so I got some to try. They make great snacks!

We saw someone posing like this so instead of our usual mundane poses, we tried to mimick that lady's pose haha. Guess I will just stick to the boring ones.

Along the Venetian waters
This city on the water is truly charming.

Calle Dei Morti bridge
Vibrant houses and mini bridges adorned with flowers :)

Photo opportunities at every turn

Just one of the many beautiful canals and narrow pathways of Venice :)

Tiramisu at Stan Stae

with my pretty explorer :)

Stan Stae Church

Peaceful and quiet neighbourhood near Stan Stae

Houses along Rio de San Stin

Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Fondamenta Frari

Scuola Grande di San Rocco - art museum

San Pantalon Church

water tour around the city

Via Garibaldi

Rio di San Barnaba

Church of San Barnaba

The music from street buskers is a lovely way of livening up the mood and atmosphere of the city.

These Venetian metal masquerade masks look so unique!

Santos cage dolls
Those dolls looked kinda creepy..

Ponte dell'Accademia

Fondamenta delle Zattere

Pistachio gelato from Gelateria Nico
Yep, pistachio is one of my favourite choices.

Grand Canal - Venice's main canal

Rialto Bridge - the most famous and most photographed of the four bridges across the Grand Canal

Riva Ferro

"When in Venice, you must ride a gondola!"
I did not ride one because it was too expensive and what's best than to explore this lovely city by foot?

Lovely house

Santi Giovanni e Paolo, one of the largest churches in the city

Scuola Grande di San Marco

Interior of the building

Fondamente Nove Venice

San Michele Cemetery Island in the Venetian Lagoon

Liberia Acqua Alta (High Water Bookstore)
This bookshop is must-visit for book lovers. Gondolas, canoes.etc are used as bookshelves which play a part in the uniqueness and charm of this bookshop.

Tons of ancient books stacked up neatly at the back entrance of the bookshop

We initially planned to have dinner at the popular Dal Moro's for their pasta takeaway. This was on my must-go list and I was so looking forward to it during this trip. Sadly, it was closed and I saw a couple of people searching for it too. In the end, we settled for Q Food and More.

Carbonara Tortellini
We sat on the steps of the bridge just beside the shop to have our dinner.

On the way back to our hostel, I got an Italian cherry pastry from a random bakery. Although I don't like cherries, I started to eat them here as they really tasted better in Europe.

Venice has been really amazing and the romantic vibes of this city do make it an ideal place for couples to visit. I'll be back to appreciate you in another season, Venice :)

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