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Europe Travels: Milan, Italy

Our last stop in Italy was Milan.

Ciao, Milan!

Also known as a city of fashion and design, there are many shopping streets in Milan. This is Piazza San Babila, a high-class shopping district located in the heart of Milan.

Milan is one of my least favourite cities because when I travel, I tend to be more interested in sightseeing than shopping (for luxury goods.etc). I was also a student on a tight budget so shopping was not my priority. Another reason was probably because I got pickpocketed by two gypsies (who seemed overly kind and enthusiastic in helping me) in the train moments before I left the city. Thankfully, they left behind my wallet and no one came to any harm. It was a very expensive lesson for me but it also taught me not be complacent and to be more careful with my belongings. Perhaps they really needed that money.. right? Please please please do not take it for granted that such incidents won't happen to you because you will never know!


First (and disappointing) meal in Milan was near our hostel as it was still too early to check-in and we had our luggages with us.

Worst meal in Milan

We had coffee along with a mini pistachio croissant from a nearby cafe after the unsatisfactory meal.

Church San Babila and the Lion Pillar

On the lookout for more food

Cannoli Siciliano with pistachio bits

On the way to check out the outlet stores, we passed by this pretty-looking Church of Santa Maria della Passione.

Teabreak at Pane & Vita - featuring their lemon tart and a chocolate chip scone.

Modern vibes of Milan

Basilica di Santo Stefano Maggiore
This church was first established in the 5th century. Isn't it impressive that 16 centuries later, it is still a functional church, despite going through several modifications?

I was quite surprised to see this street art as this was the first one we chanced upon here.

University of Milan

and its impressive entrance!

Andrea Verga's monument in a little garden

It was a pleasant surprise to find a cafe selling chocolate sfogliatelle! Sfogliatelle are aplenty in Napoli and I do miss these wonderful flaky plastries. This time round, we tried the flavoured one with chocolate and hazelnut fillings.

Pistachio and nocciola (hazelnut) gelato at Moye

We also saw a Magnum Store with pretty bejeweled Magnum ice cream bar models on displays.

Extravaganza! Magnum at its finest.

With the impressive Milan Cathedral

Beautiful details and facade

Royal Palace of Milan - a former royal palace facing the Duomo, now an important cultural centre.

Bell Tower in Saint Gottardo in Corte

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II aka Milan's living room

Such a beautiful mall :')

Legend has it that if you spin on your heel while stepping on the bull's balls, it will bring you good luck.

One of the prettiest shopping malls I have been to!

Church of San Fedele

Dinner was at Al Cantinone.
We had our first taste of risotto alla milanese which is a Milanese dish of saffron-infused risotto. We also tried their gnocchi and paccheri (which very much reminded me of ban mian haha).

Chocolate gelato at Cioccolati Italiani for dessert
This was one of the best chocolate gelato I've ever had! At €3, this was worth every cent.

Day 2: 7/7

Chiesa di San Marco

Pinacoteca di Brera - main public art gallery

Tram transport in Milan

Teatro alla Scala - a world-renowed opera house which was built in the 18th century

Milan's city center

Breakfast was at Panzerotti Luini. This small shop is famous for their panzerotti. A panzerotto is a deep-fried pocket of dough stuffed with fillings and looks somewhat like a calzone.

Savoury panzerotto
I love bread so this is my cup of tea hehe.

Tomato and mozzarella panzerotto

Look at that beautiful cheese pull!

Sweet luini: mixed berries, cream, and custard.

Peach, walnuts, almonds

Right after having the yummy panzerotti, we went to the nearby G.B Bar for sandwiches.

We had 2 different types of sandwiches - beef and pork.

Since Cioccolat Italiani is just opposite Panzerotti Luini, why not? :) This time round, I had pistachio (favourite choice!) flavour and I loved it!

Piazza Fontana

There are many water refill spots around the city. We saw some people refilling their water bottles here too but the water source from these fountains (the sculptures were a tad moldy :/) looked rather dubious so we skipped them.

Mango papaya fragola smoothie from I Lovegetarian to quench the thirst

Basilica di Sant'Eufemia

San Paolo Converso

Unique interior unlike the other churches that I had been to.

Italian tarts! Sadly, I was too full for them :(

We chanced upon this really unique and quirky furniture store.

Intriguing showcases

After 3 weeks of travelling, my skin tone had changed drastically but I actually like the tanner me!

Back of San Lorenzo Church
From this perspective, this church looked somewhat like a mini castle.

Front of Church San Lorenzo

the interior

In front of San Lorenzo is a statue of Emperor Constantine, and 16 columns which were once part of a Roman Temple.

Ancient gate (Porta Ticinese)

More gelato at Gelateria Oasi :) This time round, I had fruity flavours of melon and peach.


Deserted street

Supermarkets are one of my favourite places haha. I got a really sweet and juicy peach there. Peaches were my favourite fruit in Europe and they were so lovely to have during the summer season since they have so much water content in them. Most importantly, they tasted so YUMZ!

Santa Maria delle Grazie
This church houses Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lovely dome of the Santa Maria delle Grazie church

Colourful sculpture of Needle, Thread and Knot

near Sforza Castle

Piazza del Cannone

Sforza Castle

Museum of Ancient Art in the castle

Arch of Peace in Sempione Park

Piazza Castello - featuring a fountain and expo gate which is the gateway to Milan Expo 2015

Dinner at Parma & Co

We had Misto con culatello and Tortelli erbertta porz. The raw meat platter came with salty deep-fried bread which was so good! I had to resist getting a second serving.

For desserts, we had tiramisu and mascarpone from the supermarket. We initially bought tiramisu but since it tasted pretty decent, we bought their mascarpone too.

Next stop, Kandersteg :)

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